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SPContentStructure Walkthrough

In order to use our tool, you have to download the sample package. This package includes a folder named “Samples”. In this folder you will find all binaries which are necessery to execute this walkthrough. The folder contents are so to speak a standalone SPContentStructure version. To run the example described in the following chapters, just execute the batch file “runsample.cmd” in the “Samples” folder with a single parameter specifying the target site collection URL (create the needed content types first as described in the attached document; if don’t you will get errors while deploying).

We will also demonstrate how to integrate our tool into Visual Studio 2010 - you will find the appropriate sample in the "VS" folder. To get a feeling how a SPContentStructure XML import file might look like, look at the snippet below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Root Title="" Url="" xmlns="http://sdc/2009/07/Deployment/1.1/ContentStructure" Action="None">
    <Web Title="IT" Url="IT" Description="IT Department" Template="STS#0" Action="AddOrUpdate" Lcid="1033" InheritCustomMaster="true" InheritMaster="true" AspxPageIndexMode="Always">
        <List Action="AddOrUpdate" TemplateId="100" EnableAttachments="true" Title="Extended tasks" Url="ExtendedTasks" PrimaryKeyFields="Title">
            <Item Action="AddOrUpdate" Title="Extended task 1">              
                <Property Name="Priority" Value="(1) High"/>
                <Property Name="TaskStatus" Value="In Progress"/>                
                <Property Name="Company" Value="SDC"/>
          <ContentTypes RemoveExisting="true">
            <ContentType Action="AddOrUpdate" IdQualifier="Id" Id="0x01080072CD360AF831BF4891B48082A5973560"/>
See the attached file for the complete walkthrough and have fun with our tool!

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